Small venue presentation switcher with 4K capabilities

  • premium 4K visuals
  • simple setup and easy to operate
  • compatibility for smooth integration

PDS-4K에 대한 정보

The PDS series is designed to meet today’s requirements for a high-quality, easy-to-use and fast seamless switcher with more digital inputs at an affordable price. 중간 규모의 실시간 이벤트, 소규모 세션, 세미나 실 및 회의실에 적합합니다.

4K for you

The PDS-4K enables single screen and dual screen switching with high-quality 4K processing, and it can also support Dante® audio with the addition of an optional interface card*. It includes six 4K inputs and two 4K fully seamless mixing program outputs. Benefit from the ultra-low latency processing (≤ 2 frames delay @60Hz), smooth video display and seamless transitions between inputs to maximize audience engagement. Additionally, you can increase interactivity by showing up to two live inputs simultaneously with the available PiP layers*. And the Event Master AthenaTM scaling technology guarantees superior signal clarity and minimum scaling artifacts.

PDS: pretty darn simple

The PDS-4K switcher guarantees unsurpassed performances and outstanding visual experience while also being exceptionally easy to operate. With just one simple press on the buttons of the intuitive front panel interface, you can switch easily between the input sources and preconfigured layouts. 또한 PDS-4K는 비디오 품질을 저하시키지 않으면서도 친숙한 모든 Barco 시각화 솔루션 및 프레젠테이션 기기(예: ClickShare)와 호환됩니다. PDS-4K는 Event Master 도구 세트로 제어할 수 있지만 API 덕분에 Barco Overture 또는 기타 타사 제어판과 결합 할 수도 있습니다.

The PDS-4K is built for applications requiring the highest availability and uptime. The switcher also proves to be a smart investment well into the future with option cards to ensure expandability and future-proof upgradability. 


*다음 소프트웨어 릴리스에서 사용 가능한 기능

A-rating Ecoscore for PDS-4K

Barco values transparency and therefore we want to communicate openly about the environmental footprint of our products. Today, there is however no all-round scoring scale available that covers different types of products, from medium-sized projectors to large LED walls, servers and medical displays. That is why Barco has developed an objective tool that grades our products according to their ecodesign performance. This gives customers an overview of environmental performance and encourages developers in Barco to make sustainable choices. The framework that has been used to validate the ecoscoring is defined in the ISO 14021 standard.

  • Athena 스케일링
  • 멀티뷰어
  • HDCP 프로토콜과의 호환성
  • 가장 극한 환경에서 견딜 수 있도록 설계
  • 간편한 설치

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