Business projectors  where to buy?

Varying in illumination technology, size, weight, resolution and brightness level, our lamp and laser phosphor projectors include a perfect match for every possible professional environment – from small to large meeting rooms, conference rooms, boardrooms, classrooms and auditoriums. 

Get the exact resolution you need, knowing that they all feature Barco's meeting-friendly technology and excellent ROI.

Barco laser phosphor projectors: silent, vivid, flexible

Noise in meeting environments is a serious distraction. So reducing noise is one way of increasing productivity. Choose from a growing portfolio of 1-DLP laser phosphor products for your teams. Their long lifetime, precision, installation flexibility and silent operation provide a superb, robust framework for better meetings.

When combined with Barco’s single-click presentation system ClickShare, you can take your meeting room to the next level in terms of usability and productivity, for better collaboration and outcomes. They allow you not only to share your participants' desktops or presentations, in some cases you can even share annotations live to the room. The final results can then be shared with everyone that attended the meeting - easy, fast and productive. 

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