Oct 09, 2019

What if you could improve OR setup time and turnaround?

Medical Imaging & workflows 1 min read last updated on: Mar 20, 2020

Nexxis is a video integration platform specifically designed for the digital operating room to help meet the most urgent needs of the surgical team such as precise images, efficient workflow, and maximum flexibility. Nexxis is the cornerstone of any integrated, hybrid or interventional operating room.

Operating rooms generate about 60% of a hospital’s revenue, so reducing your OR turnaround time brings an opportunity to optimize revenue while ensuring patient and staff satisfaction. Biomedical engineers can integrate technology such as Nexxis to help reduce OR turnaround times.

By acquiring a good video integration system, you’ll be able to improve OR turnaround times. Switching between configurations and procedures should be done with a minimum effort. When you invest in a video integration solution, choose a system that is flexible and robust. You should be able to configure and turn around the hybrid OR quickly to support a variety of procedures. “Plug and play” devices are a must-have in the operating room; it should be easy to add and remove any device, such as navigation devices, machine-controlled applications, PACS equipment and so on.

In addition, a video integration system that is “plug and play” will also result in a short integration and adoption time. Besides, the video system should make it easy to integrate new imaging technologies over time – this means without extra components such as external converters, extenders, and splitters.

Think of it like this: fewer components, less hassle. With fewer points of failure and fewer elements to manage, you will decrease any downtime, maintenance, and cost.

Find out more in the video below, the fourth in the “What if” video series, in which our product manager, Bruno Debonnet, explains how Nexxis can help your surgical team be more efficient while decreasing costs.


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