The IAA in Frankfurt is one of the world’s pre-eminent carshows. One of Europe’s leading brands used the 2019 edition to focus on sustainable solutions, unveil a new luxury show car and present 19 other vehicles for the first time.

A 4K camera looks absolutely gorgeous on an LED screen driven by a setup with E2

Oliver Derynck
Head Video Engineer, AV-X

To provide a suitably impressive solution for the press events and half-hourly public shows, production house AV-X was looking for the best way to relay live cameras to a LED screen. The solution had to be reliable and correct in terms of HDR and 12G and HDMI2.0 reproduction and interconnectivity. 

AV-X regularly pioneers Barco solutions, this time opting for HDR camera coverage with Event Master E2 TriCombo sets.  HDR brings human vision back to video. Thanks to E2’s internal 12-bit processing, the HDR gamma curves are untouched and signal conversion is correct. Contrast and color appear closer to reality than ever before. While not being S3D in any way, some details can appear so realistic that you get the feeling you can touch them.

As for the luxury car, the BBC motoring show Top Gear determined, “If this is the future, I’m happy!” 


  • Full show control with pre-configured cards
  • Native 4K50p input and output on a single cable
  • Intuitive user interface

Only the best gear is allowed in the entire video pipeline for our premium brand car manufacturer and E2 is exactly that.

Oliver Derynck
Head Video Engineer, AV-X